Shakespeare and Sons

Shakespeare and Sons is basically heaven for Berlin-dwelling, bagel-loving, English-speaking literary types – of which, if the table occupancy is anything to go by, there appears to be many!

The newest branch of this bookshop-cum-cafe is set on the corner of (constantly under construction) Warschauer Straße / Grünberger Straße and is a long, bright slice of hunger-abating tranquility in an otherwise hectic area.

The big bagel menu, complete with a multiple choice of tasty bagel flavours and toppings  is exciting and adventurous, the bagels themselves are very good, the coffees are great and the prices are very decent, with everything hovering around the five euro mark or below.

If you can look past a relatively meh attitude from the service and loads of laptops it’s possible to pass a very pleasant hour feasting on chewy, doughy New York style delights and browsing a great selection of literature.

€5 Food: Pretty much every bagel, complete with delicious topping is less than about €5.50

€5 ‘Fullness’: It doesn’t look so big when the plate arrives, but one of these little guys can definitely fill you up!

€5 Change: Not much if you’re feeling adventurous with your toppings. You may as well spend it on a coffee anyway.

Warschauer Straße 74



U1, S5, S7, S75, Warschauer Straße


Opening Hours:

Monday-Saturday 9:00 – 20:00

Sunday 10:00 – 20:00


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