If you’re hunting for a kumpir in Berlin you won’t be short of options, but few serve such fresh and delicious stuffed potatoes as Kreuzberg’s Alisna, just across the road from Schlesisches Tor. The fresh-from-the-oven, crispy-skinned spuds are baked to perfection and generously filled to the brim with deli-fresh couscous, sauces, veggies, cheese (and chicken, halloumi or kofta if you’re really peckish).

Served in a deep white bowl, with a long-handled spoon, this is as gourmet as a kumpir can get.And if Ali Birsin, the friendly owner, serves you, you can be sure you’ll wash your delicious potato feast down with a complimentary glass of black tea.

There are other dishes on the extensive menu, including fresh salads and lasagne, but they are really just understudies to the kumpir’s shining star!

€5 food:  A kumpir will set you back €3.90 without extras

€5 ‘fullness’: You will be full to the brim!

€5 change: Enough for a little side salad or extra toppings (if you’re really hungry)

Oppelner Straße 3,



U1 Schlesisches Tor


Opening Hours

Daily 11:00 – close

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