Hello Good Pie

Hello Good Pie first started to win bellies and minds at Markthalle IX before setting up shop on Falckensteinstrasse, near the Oberbaumbrücke and Gorlitzer Park. The little pastry pots are stuffed full with fresh, steaming and seasonal goodness, from chicken & leek to spinach & walnuts and can be served with a selection of salads or hot sides, like mash. This is proper pie in its finest form!

A hearty pie is just €4, so stick to that if you’re looking for the perfect cheap eat, but be warned, adding sides can slide the budget over five euros.

€5 food: A pie if just €4, but sides are extra

€5 ‘fullness’: One pie is a sufficiently hearty portion

€5 change: Just enough for a side or a drink!

Falckensteinstrasse 9



U1 Schlesisches Tor


Opening Hours:

Daily 11:00 – late

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