Kreuzberg’s Wiener Straße harbours a couple of culinary gems, but the new(ish) Piri’s is definitely one of our top tips. Serving mostly chicken burgers, with a couple of beef steak and veggie options thrown into the mix, Piri’s chicken burgers bring a tasty Portuguese/Australian twist to the Berlin burger scene.

There are few burgers below the five euro mark, but luckily one is the Piri, a classic breaded chicken breast in a bun. Dripping with a remarkably delicious homemade spicy Piri sauce, the chicken boasts just the right amount of crispness, juiciness and spice to balance the creamy cheese and aioli sauce and there are even a couple of lettuce leaves for good measure!

The generous servings of pommes come with a selection of fresh, homemade sauces and you can overload your bun with a whole host of extras, including beetroot or an egg (very Australian) for just 50c more. And finally, keep an eye open for Piri’s ‘Manic Mondays’ when the burgers are just €3!

€5 food: Just a few of the burgers are around the €5 mark, but luckily they’re some of the best!

€5 ‘fullness’ A cheap and filling eat, one burger will see you through

€5 change: None – nothing costs less than five euros, but you’ll be happy to hand over your last note

Wiener Straße 31



U1 Gorlitzer Bahnhof


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 12:00 – 22:00

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