Markthalle Neun has saved many a hungry Kreuzberg soul from starvation, but the irregularity of the food stalls can turn a trip into a game of dinner destiny. However, one market stalwart that is always open is the wonderful Italian bakery, Sironi.

Sironi specialises in freshly baked white Italian breads, but is also the ideal on-the-spot snack stop, serving focaccias and slices of pizza margherita, fresh from the oven and dripping with rich tomato sauce, mozzarella and olive oil. A pizza slice is just €2.70, and one of the most delicious and cheap lunches you’ll find in Mariannenkiez.

€5 food:  Cheap and delicious slices of foccaccia and pizza for less than €5

€5 ‘fullness’: A slice of pizza is a sufficient lunch, but it’s so tasty you’ll want two!

€5 change:  Enough to buy yourself a hunk of fresh bread to take home for later

Markthalle Neun

Eisenbahn Strasse 42-43


U1 Gorlitzer Bahnhof / Schlesisches Tor


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat 08:00–18:00

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