Mishba Friedrichstrasse

Tucked away down a short flight of steps, leading into the labyrinthine Friedrichstraße station, there is a little ray of hope in an otherwise desert-like foodscape.

Mishba is a little counter serving nearby workers and commuters cheap, fresh, tasty, fit-to-bursting burrito and kumpir hits. Although there is a guaranteed queue at lunchtime, don’t get despondent, the service is super speedy, and your number will be up in no time.

Opt for a burrito and you will receive a jam-packed wrap, full of fresh salads, home made guacamole and fresh tasty meat. The kumpirs are baked in the traditional potato oven behind the counter and are generously filled with delicious goodness for takeaway, or to eat at the few tables nearby.

Warning: supplement your ‘scharf’ salsa with plenty of sour cream if you want to feel your lips while you eat the remainder of your burrito!

€5 food: between €2.80 – €3.80 depending on meat or veggie options + additional toppings

€5 fullness: the big wraps and potatoes, jam-packed with filling will keep you full for a few hours

€5 change: enough for a drink

Friedrichstraße U-Bahn station

Georgenstraße Exit



S1/S2/S5/S7 & U6 Freidrichstraße



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