Nordic Embassies’ Canteen

Lunch in an embassy canteen you ask? Heck yes we say. This is no ordinary canteen. Inside the chic and modern Nordic Embassies building just off Tiergarten you can enjoy a cheap, wholesome and substantial meal amongst the suited and booted of the city. With a daily menu offering 3 choices, including one vegetarian, you could eat here everyday and still not get bored.

The self-service style salad bar will keep you on track for your five veggies a day, but the real money is in the hot food. Head towards the delicious smell and a couple of smiling cooks will serve you a delicious dish with a Nordic twist. But a word of warning, don’t overdo the ‘extras’ if you want to keep your meal below five euros!

€5 food: Most hot meals will hover around the €5 mark, but meat dishes may creep a few cents over

€5 ‘fullness’: You won’t need to eat dinner!

€5 change: None, but it’s worth it

Rauchstr. 1



 S3, S5, S7 and S75 to Zoologischer Garten & bus 100 or 200 to Nordische Botschaften

 S1, S2, S25 to Potsdamer Platz & bus 200 to Nordische Botschaften


Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday, 13:00 – 16:00

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