Maison Han

Upon entering bright, beautiful, plant-strewn Maison Han you might get the impression it’s simply another cafe with a nice cake selection and it’s own roastery. Actually, ask for a menu and you’ll be proved very wrong.

Despite being short, this is one of the more interesting Vietnamese menus in the area, with an inspiring selection of salads, summer rolls and hot dishes on offer. The ingredients are fresh and flavoursome, there are plenty of vegan options to choose from, and very few dishes cost more than €5. Although beware, you may not be able to stop yourself ordering more than one!

The Banh Trang Salad is a must – a delicious mix of sweet mango, fresh cucumber and tofu with peanuts, and the steamed Banh Cuon are ridiculously more-ish, but perfect for a little mid-afternoon snack.

€5 food: There are plenty of fresh and healthy options for between €3.50 – €7.50

€5 ‘fullness’: The servings are generous so big salad bowl or a Vietnamese baguette will fill you up

€5 change: No change for a fiver, because it’s impossible to resist a coconut mint juice or a coffee

Pannierstraße 40



U8 Hermannplanz / Schönleinstrasse


Wednesday – Monday 10:00 – 20:00

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